Short love stories

Love can happen when you are least expecting it. You never know when the bug bites you and leaves you smitten with this feeling. You will know when it happens to you.

Music fills the air, fragrance is everywhere and one needs no reason to be happy. Yes! That’s the magic of being in love. You will feel witty and stupid at the same time.

Love stories happen just like that. A girl meets boy. They are attracted to each other and before they realize, they are madly in love with each other. But is that all? No! There is so much more to it.

Struggles, conflicts, tears, misunderstandings, family issues and others are a part and parcel of almost every romantic relation. With all or some of these only is a love story formed. Short love stories from lives of romantics will tell you a lot about the emotions experienced and pains felt in a romantic relation.

Love stories are made in heaven and executed on earth. The feeling is God gifted and one can’t deny it. It changes the world around and takes you on a joy ride. As if in a drunken stupor, you tend to do those, which you never did. Yes! Love truly has the magic.

Want to know what it does to other people? Read on to know more about the feeling and hear some great short love stories.


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